Be a part of the Canadian ME documentary

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  1. Valerie says:

    Do I have ME? I have no idea. However, I got and get tired of being tired. I currently work up to 8 hours a day. My workplace is flexible, so I try, everyday to get there by 7:50am….but I rarely make it to my desk before 8:05. The sad thing is, I’m up at 5:50am, my drive to work is only 20 minutes. I then push through my work day to make it to 4:10 (this is 8 hr, 7 paid, 1/2 lunch & 1/2 banked). Banked time generally works out to a full day off with pay. I’m home by 5’ish and I do not sit down until I have prepaid my quick meal, changed into pj’s, set alarms & coffee, and talked to a friend or two (btw: friends can usually can only get a hold of me between 5pm – 7pm, if i have the strength to talk). Then I sit, eat, watch an episode of something and have to be in bed by 7:30. If it’s get’s to 8, I start to panic, because i will get less than 10hrs sleep. Most people do not know or believe how much I have had to limit my life, just so I can stay independent. I suffer from depression which further adds to the pain of trying to be productive. At work, where I spend most of my time, I have found it increasingly difficult to explain (articulate) my thoughts. I just watched “Unrest”. A great documentary, but it scares me. I see my family doctor, councillor and other self-help support on a more than regular basis & nothing we have tried has helped. So, do I have ME? My doctor finally said I have Chronic Fatigue. She told me the only reason she didn’t want to diagnose CFS, is because there is no cure and the diagnosis just gives it a name, not a solution. So yes, I am a 51 year old, single Canadian, living in London Ontario (great medical research city) who’s health is fading. If it’s ME, how do I help myself if the medical community doesn’t have answers….solutions….treatments. I have CFS….now what?

  2. david rosenberg says:

    We need access to ampligen!

    Needs to be FDA approved

    then Health canada will lift the RED TAPE!

    Also needs to be affordable

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